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Clinical Data

Months after the implementation of JointRep® adjunct to a microfracture, macroscopic examination showed typical glass-like appearance of articular hyaline cartilage with the restoration of the smooth white chondral surface of the distal femur. Histology revealed abundant extracellular matrix and human type II collagen. [Pubmed]

jot 2018 histology.PNG

(a) Hematoxylin and eosin stain of human femoral condyle section 2.5X, (b) Trichrome Stain 2.5X, (c) Human collagen type II immunostaining positive in the extracellular matrix of hyaline cartilage 10X, (d) Human collagen type II immunostaining negative in the sub-chondral bone 10X.

Pipino et. al report over 90% improvement of WOMAC scores from baseline up to 36 months when JointRep® was used along with microfracture. [PubMed]

chart 3y.png
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